Jo Keppel’s art



Jo Keppel lives on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island and has worked as a journalist and secondary school teacher, while also experimenting with art and writing as lifetime activities.

She usually works in theme-based series, playing with different media and with development of ideas.

Much of her work employs personal motifs or symbols, such as hills and masks (meaning boundaries or limits), leaves and hands (activity, life, industry, hope), trees, rocks and structures (history, shelter, strength and survival), insects (movement and industry), flowers, pods and shells (as other worlds, protection, shelter, future), water (movement, life flow) and others.

She also likes to explore language, and combine play with words and visual imagery in her work.

Currently her favourite medium is ink drawing with some collage, monoprinting and acrylic painting going on as well, and occasional excursions into artist’s books and altered books.

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I work in series based on a theme and experimenting with different media, compositions and  approaches to the subject.